Sunday, February 3, 2008

Getting there

After talking about, and deciding on it, and telling our friends and family and having it absolutely definite in our minds that we are going - we finally booked our tickets. That means we're really going. Out of Melbourne late on June 28 as far as Sydney overnight. Then Korean Airlines to Seoul, and onto LA, getting in on June 29. At least, June 29 according to the US calendar - I think our body clocks will feel like June 30, but it'll all come okay in the end.

It's amazing the differences in ticket prices. I'm all for Qantas - use frequent flyer points to get an upgrade from economy to business, get access to the clubs. But the difference in prices is crazy and just not worth it. So we used and bingo! Korean Air for $2100 return each. I'd rather save the money to spend in the US.

Once we got that done the rest becomes simpler - it's a matter of filling the gaps so we went ahead and did that.

Disneyland, Las Vegas for the Star Trek Experience, Arizona, New Mexico, Alabama, Richmond, Washington, New York, Toronto, Chicago, LA and home again.


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Gael said...

Fantastic... "are we there yet?"

Looking forward to lots of pics and news updates....

Bugger I have put on toooo much weight to fit in your bags!!