Monday, September 1, 2008

On to Toronto

From Niagara Falls it's about 2 hours in the car to Toronto. We scooted around Lake Erie and there we were before we knew it - in Toronto.

There were a few things that had to happen before we could get married the next day. We needed paperwork from Bruce, we needed City Hall to be okay with Bruce's paperwork so that they would give us a marriage license, and we needed my Harvard buddy Robin and her girlfriend Marnie to arrive from Chicago.

We headed for Bruce the lawyer's office. We needed to get our paperwork from him so that we could take it to City Hall and get a marriage license. it was all there and waiting for us - even though Bruce wasn't. He was on holiday somewhere in the wilds of Canada. He did so much for us, so patiently. I still don't know what he looks like!

The folks in Bruce's office told us that City Hall was about 20 minutes away on foot, and we'd been driving for such a long time......days and days and we took off on foot. We had a map, and it looked close enough. 40 minutes later, and much hotter we got to City hall. We found the marriage license bit, paid our money and left with our marriage license in hand. As far as paperwork goes, we were ready to go.

Robin and Marnie were flying in from Chicago that evening. Robin had been in Shanghai for work only a few days earlier and had come back to Chicago and then Toronto for our wedding. After a whole heap of weather delays, and Amy and I going to the wrong airport (!!) to meet them (thank goodness their plane was late!)they arrived.

Now we were ready to get married!

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