Sunday, August 17, 2008

Andy's Tips for New Mexico

1.Don't bother with Albuquerque. We never could find the city – instead we found lots of freeways. Maybe Santa Fe is better – but we never got there.
2.Go to Acamo. It's a marvellous and awe inspiring place.
3.Get out of the city – the countryside is better than the city.
4.Go to the Pueblo Museum. if you can, get there on a day when there is dancing.
5.Don't bother with the New Mexico National Hispanic Cultural Centre, unless you want lunch. The restaurant had the best and cheapest mexican food that we had anywhere, but there weren't any displays.
6.Be prepared to be bombarded and disappointed if you go to the Old Town in Albuquerque. It's gorgeous old architecture that has been taken over by folks selling junk – check the labels because even though it'll look like the real deal, most of it is made in China or India.
7.If you must go to the Old Town, buy stuff from the folks selling in the open air. These are usually the artists.

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