Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon appears out of no where. After we paid our admission to the Grand Canyon National Park, we drove towards the carpark to get the shuttle bus – and came around a bend in the road and there is the side of the road, as the trees clear......The Grand Canyon.

It is the most breathtaking and awesome sight that I've ever seen.

The National Parks Service do a great job. There are a series of shuttle buses that take various routes through the park. They stop at different spots throughout the park, and run every 15 minutes. So it's easy – pick your sight seeing route, hop on the bus and take a free tour. The bus drivers know stuff – so we heard all sorts of interesting information about the forests as we drove from place to place. At the different stops there are park rangers who give talks and answer questions. So we'd get get off the bus, look around and at some stage there'd be a ranger talking. At the pueblo – ruins that go back to 1150 – this was great. The ranger talked at length about the people who had lived there, the hopi indian legends associated with the ruins and the archaeological dig that has been taking place. She was great. And all this was included in our admission price to the National Park.

I can't describe it – so I'm going to let the photos make an attempt instead.


Jean said...

Oh I do hope you read this. How amazing. So glad you are having a good time! Thanks for allowing me to live vicariously through you. All good here, even the cats.

Andy and Amy said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying it - and thanks for leaving a comment: it's good to know someone reads this!

LoriK said...

Great photographs - you make me homesick (I grew up in Arizona). I'm glad you enjoyed the Grand Canyon & Sedona.