Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Indian Pueblo Culture

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Centre is marvellous. It's owned and operated by the 19 pueblos of New Mexico. At the moment there is an exhibition of women artists from the pueblos, as well as the permanent exhibition that takes you from the very earliest times of pueblo Indian settlement, through to the current day. It goes right through the Spanish coming to the area and the impact of that coming as well.

It's a great place, and left us both with a really strong and rich appreciation of the pueblo culture. It also left me wondering (although I know the answer) why oh why don't we have something like this in Australia that both celebrates our own indigenous people, and educates white Australians?

The best part was the dancing. The dancers were from the Zuni people and were just awesome. And we were allowed to take photos.

The Eagle Dance

The Buffalo Dance


Andy and Amy said...

Brilliantly pieced together Andy. Wonderful descriptions and love the way you displayed the pictures. YOU are a writer in the making. Thanks for all of your work on thee Love, Amy

Robin Wagner said...

Hi Guys! I love reading about your travels -- looks like you're getting to have such an extraordinary experience. Can't wait to see you!