Saturday, July 12, 2008

Leaving Arizona

Tomorrow we're moving on. We've got a week organised in Albuquerque in New Mexico. So, before we leave – here are

Andy's Tips for Arizona

1.Go. Don't miss Arizona. It is spectacular.
2.The prices vary enormously – so consider staying in a cheaper town and traveling. Flagstaff worked well for us. It's really friendly, very cheap – as a tourist – and central to North Arizona.
3.Use the National Parks services at the Grand Canyon. And leave a tip. These folks do an awesome job and do it with humour and generosity.
4.Don't stay near the railway tracks in Flagstaff – having seen all the trains going through town, I can tell you – you'll be sorry.
5.Don't go anywhere Sedona. You won't like it. I want it to stay as undiscovered as it can possibly be, so that when Amy and I win the lottery we can come back to it as it is.
6.Go out early and come home early afternoon – it gets hot.
7.And for goodness sakes – don't go to Chloride!

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